How to Make an Erupting Volcano with PEAL Starch

Making a volcano that erupts is something that kids love! Have lots of “PEAL Starch mixture” on hand, as kids want to participate and see the volcano erupt again and again! Ages 6 and up..

Things You’ll Need

1 Cup of Peal Starch
1/4 Cup of Baking Soda 2 Drops of Dish Soap
Red Food Coloring
1 Cup Vinegar


I. Mix 1 part PEAL Starch to 5 parts water to make the paste the consistency of thick gravy.

II. It is best if you paint the foil. If you have time dress the foil with playdough.

III. Mix the PEAL Starch with baking soda, and pour half way into the volcano/cup

IV. Mix food coloring with vinegar in a separate cup. Add 2 drops of soap (make sure you add soap, it slows the reaction)

V. When you are ready for the eruption, pour the vinegar mixture into the cup and watch the eruption!

Adult supervision required.

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