PEAL Starch for Crocheted Doilies and Quilt Projects

How to Make Liquid PEAL Starch for Crocheted Doilies and Quilt Projects

PEAL Starch works well on crocheted doilies. Depending on your desired stiffness the more water you add to the starch solution, the less stiff your piece will be.

Things You’ll Need

1 Cup of Peal Starch
3 Cups of Water


I. Get a large bowl that is fairly wide at the bottom. You will need this bowl to prepare the starch paste mixture.

II. Pour 1 cup of PEAL Starch into a bowl, add 3 cups of water and mix these two ingredients together. Stir until the starch mixture consistency is slightly thick. This will be your stock solution.

III. Let the mixture sit for 2 minutes.

Dilute with water unless you want it really stiff. Dip your piece into the starch, let it sit in the starch for a few seconds, then squeeze out excess (do not twist). Lay it flat on a hard surface, pin into shape with rust proof pins. You may also dip your piece into starch, roll it up in a towel (like a jelly roll) until it’s almost dry. Then using a warm iron (not hot) and covered with a white piece of material (in case the color bleeds), press until dry.

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