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PEAL Starch is great for craft projects and children's science projects...or just for fun!

Here are some of our favorite uses:

PEAL Starch for Crocheted Doilies and Quilt Projects

How to Make Liquid PEAL Starch for Crocheted Doilies and Quilt Projects

PEAL Starch works well on crocheted doilies. Depending on your desired stiffness the more water you add to the starch solution, the less stiff your piece will be. Things You’ll Need 1 Cup of Peal Starch 3 Cups of Water Directions: I. Get a large bowl that is fairly wide at the bottom. You will […]

How to Make Paper Mache Paste with PEAL Starch

Things You’ll Need 1 Cup of Peal Starch Flour Water Directions: I. Mix 1 part PEAL Starch and ½ cup flour with 10 parts of water until mixture is smooth. II. Add more water or flour as necessary. III. Mix well to get out all the lumps. The mixture should stick smoothly without dripping. IV. Your […]

How to Make Soap Flakes Finger Paint

Things You’ll Need 1/2 Cup of Peal Starch 1 cup soap flakes 1 cup water Food coloring or tempera paint Directions: I. Mix PEAL Starch with enough cold water to make a paste. Let stand for 2 minutes. II. Add soap flakes and coloring. III. Blend until thick and smooth. Store in air-tight container. IV. […]

How to Make Home Made Playdough with Peal Starch

This recipe is a winner! Kids can also help make this playdough. Mix, knead and play! To make a larger amount you can use an electric mixer. Add more water if it becomes dry. Ages 3 and up. Things You’ll Need 2 Cups of Peal Starch 1 cup flour, 1 extra cup flour 4 tablespoons […]

How to Make Water Finger Paint with PEAL Starch

Things You’ll Need 1 Cup of Peal Starch 5 Cups of Water 2 Tsp. Salt Directions: I. Mix 1 part PEAL Starch, 5 parts water and salt to make the paste the consistency of thick gravy. II. Sprinkle in the food coloring. Be sure to dress little ones in an old apron or shirt. III. […]

How to Make an Erupting Volcano with PEAL Starch

Making a volcano that erupts is something that kids love! Have lots of “PEAL Starch mixture” on hand, as kids want to participate and see the volcano erupt again and again! Ages 6 and up.. Things You’ll Need 1 Cup of Peal Starch 1/4 Cup of Baking Soda 2 Drops of Dish Soap Red Food […]

PEAL Starch and Science Projects for the Kids

For the science minded kids PEAL Starch is a great candidate for science projects around the home. Even your youngest aspiring scientist can have fun in the exciting world of chemistry. Understanding reactions turns the ordinary things around us into extraordinary events. PEAL Starch can be a candidate for:  Finding the PH of things around […]

Other craft ideas

Arts & Crafts for Kids For more craft ideas we have researched some of these websites that have good activities for kids and the family. Note: Parents please use good judgment in choosing which activities are safe for your children. Adult supervision is strongly recommended in most cases. – Craft Ideas for Kids We have […]