Can I use PEAL Starch in HE (High Efficiency) washers?

Yes, in fact the less water you use in your washers the more stiff your clothes get for those of you that like stiff fabrics. Otherwise you may add a little amount of PEAL Starch.

Can I starch a full load with PEAL Starch?

Absolutely, you can starch up to a full load with PEAL Starch. But just like your powdered detergent overloading the washer will prevent the starch from moving around the fabric and may cause clumping.

Do I have to iron after using PEAL Starch?

No, If your idea of ironing is wash and wear PEAL Starch will add that extra subtle crispness and luxury to your clothing. We have been pleased to find that so many people share this desire for a good old-fashioned starch finish, and as long as there is a demand for such quality, then we will go on meeting it.

Can I use PEAL Starch on khaki, table cloths, military uniforms, quilts etc?

Yes, PEAL Starch as with all starches work well with fabrics made from cotton. It also works with mixed fabrics such as 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Be mindful that starch will bind to the cotton potion of the mixed fabric only. The advantage PEAL Starch has over other brands is cost savings, quality and convenience. One 16 ounce pouch of PEAL Starch is equivalent to 8 – 10 cans of spray starch.

Can PEAL Starch help with yellowing on my clothes?

Those yellow stains in the armpits and around the collar of your favorite cotton shirts aren’t a sign that you’re sweating too much or not cleaning properly. These areas are just harder to get clean and are made up of more than just old perspiration and dirt. PEAL Starch is designed to reach every part of your fabric and form a protective coating to facilitate easy washing. Dirt and sweat tend to stick to the collar of shirts (ring around the collar); PEAL Starch virtually eliminates this problem because the dirt and sweat stick to the starch rather than the fabric itself. This makes for easy maintenance of your clothing because dirt washes off with ease.

What makes PEAL Starch biodegradable and environmentally friendly?

First off, you don’t have any aerosols produced by PEAL Starch. Aerosols are generally detrimental to our environment. PEAL Starch is produced in a plant that practices good manufacturing practices here in the U.S. The ingredients in PEAL Starch are Starch, salt, citric acid and a bicarbonate of the highest quality. All these ingredients are typically not harmful to the environment and can be found in your kitchen. Another benefit from PEAL Starch is that it does not contain any preservatives that are usually present in liquid starches.

Can I be allergic to PEAL Starch?

As with any soap, starch or chemical, discontinue use with the first sign of a reaction to PEAL Starch. That being said, PEAL Starch is made from the finest quality corn starch and has no wheat or wheat proteins which are usually the culprits. Most allergens are proteins and wheat has a few such as albumins, globulins, and glutenins. If you are allergic to corn starch generally we recommend using a product with potato starch found in “health” or “whole food” markets.