In Your Washer

Peal Starch Washer
Avoid Ironing Completely: Looking to eliminate ironing completely but still want that body and stiffness? Adding Peal starch to the rinse cycle of your washing machine will allow starch get to every part of your fabric to make clothes wrinkle-resistant.

Since washing machines are different and the tub sizes can vary significantly use this direction as a guide. We recommend starting with a small amount first and then increase as desired.

  • Front-Load & HE Washers: Set your washing machine to the rinse and spin cycle only.
  • Add dry PEAL Starch to the washing machine tub as follows:
    • For light starch (linens, sheets etc) add ¼ cups of PEAL Starch
    • For medium starch (shirts, uniforms) add ½ cup of PEAL Starch
    • For heavy starch (drapes, saris, jeans) add ¾ cup of PEAL Starch
  • Top-Load washers: add twice the amount of PEAL Starch.
  • Run your washing machine, drain and spin to remove water from the tub.
  • Transfer clothes into dryer.
  • Use your steam iron for a fine, crisp finish.

Tips: For extra stiffness or heavy starching requirements use lower water levels. For best result water temperature may be warm or hot.