Responses we have received from happy customers

We use your starch on our table clothes and napkins and it is fantastic!! Our guests also notice it too. Please keep up the good work…
Embassy – Washington, DC

“Your product is very good for my needs. With using PEAL Starch I found it gives the results I wanted. The main use is for my white bed linens, and use on my dress shirts. I have a Stickley dark oak panel bed and with nice white laundered, starched, and pressed sheets the bedroom looks great. It also gives a wonderfully nice night sleep with clean bedding”.
Chester – Pennsylvania

“Love, love, love your product. Works great with my clothes! Thank you so much for introducing us to your product. Keep it up!!”
Lois – California

“I am allergic to sprays or aerosols. This product works well on my husband’s shirts and I don’t have to worry about spraying. Thank you.”
Hannah – Tennessee

“I have one week of shirts piled up and when I get the starch we’ll hang the shirts this time and air dry them, that’s not a problem. I think this product is a blessing in my life. I don’t mind ironing the shirts but I hate the spray starch. I’m sure glad I looked for other alternatives. I already emailed my local grocery store but I think I’ll take the empty packaging directly to the store.”
Deb – Oshkosh, WI

“I have cotton voile curtains, and some of them are floor-to-ceiling. That is a LOT of spray starch, which has never worked very well. I have already tried your product and it really works. The body is back in the curtains (you can feel the weight difference) and with easy ironing, they look wonderful. I also like ironed sheets, so I tried it on sheets as well and again the results are excellent. I will absolutely be ordering more.”
Susan – Durham, NH

“I can’t tell you how great this product is – I used it for the first time today after receiving my shipment. IT is fantastic!! I have been averaging spending approximately $5,000 each year on dry cleaning because of my job – after having quit my job and starting college things need to change. We like starched clothes but using spray starch is a mess.”
Pat – Akron, OH

I just wanted to say, we LOVE your starch!! I was nervous at first with my septic tank but my septic tank loves it.
Vicky – Macungie, PA

My husband and I really enjoy your laundry starch powder. We only buy natural products, so PEAL Starch appealed to us. It is simply amazing that this starch works so well and no ironing is really required. My neighbors and family love using it, too.
Lisa – Erie, CO

I work as a massage therapist. Needless to say, we wash a LOT of sheets and face covers each week. Since finding your product online, it’s been really easy to wash off oils in the sheets, and they come out soft and clean – not smelling like the different massage oils. I also don’t have to use that much detergent to get my sheets cleaned. I am very impressed. Thank You!!!
Peter – Houston, TX

I have been searching for many years for a new source of laundry starch. My husband’s shirts have never looked as fine as they did when I starched them in the washer. The spray starch is just never the same. A few years back, I spent a winter embroidering a tablecloth and matching napkins. I have found that using starch in the washing machine makes a smooth, skating rink surface; at the same time, a protective barrier is made by the starch, and any food or drink accidents will just “wash off” on the surface, and become very easy to clean. In addition, staining does not occur, and the embroidery will remain clean and fresh for years and years. Thank you!
Marisa – Nepean, Ontario, Canada